5 Jan 2020 - National Lockdown 3 started


26 Dec - Oxfordshire Tier 4 started one minute into Boxing Day.

by 24 Dec listed here were 104 Wallingford  shops/businesses/organisations open or accessible online (not including pubs, estate agents, hair salons)

3 Dec - Oxfordshire Tier 2  shops reopen. 

Market Place Christmas Tree up & sparkling, shop windows beautifully festive. 

6 Nov - National Lockdown 2 for four weeks. 68 Wallingford businesses, shops, organisations listed on this website (not including pubs & hotels)

Sept - Rule of six gatherings.

Aug - 116 Wallingford businesses, shops, organisations listed on this website (not including pubs & hotels)

July - Re-opening of many businesses, shops, organisations.


June - Lockdown 1 eases

April - Barnaby Bugle website launched. 16 Wallingford  businesses/shops/organisations listed

26 March - Barnaby Bugle starts life as a Newsletter with shop opening days & times for Barnaby Court residents.

16 March - UK National Lockdown 1  starts

5 March - First UK Covid-19 death

31 Jan - First Covid-19 case in UK

24 Jan - First Covid-19 case in Europe

20 Jan 2020 - First Covid-19 case in USA

1 Dec 2019 - First Covid-19 case in China


The Bugle is about shops & businesses that normally open their doors to the public.


It started up ten days into the first Lockdown 

when so much was so uncertain. About 16 shops were open in those early days.

Wallingford's local shops & businesses were, and still are, truly amazing. They adapted to the situation and continued to keep us going.

Eventually, by August, 116 shops, businesses & organisations (not including pubs) had their doors open. Here is  the list of them 

So the Bugle, having been visited by over 3,300 people, went into hibernation..... currently its had over 4,000 visitors since its launch.


12th April, Oxfordshire is now easing out of Lockdown. This website will be updated. Non-essential shops are opening up. 

updated: 16 Apr 2021


...tap the bugle ...

The Bugle is not a business or advertising agency.

Its purpose is purely to keep us informed 

throughout Covid 19 pandemic restrictions, 

so that shopping can be planned,

saving unneccessary car/bus trips to/from surrounding villages 

or walking to/from Wallingford town centre.

Updates will happen during and at end of most weeks.

Please share this website around. Share on Facebook, WhatsApp, wherever. 


Each page will print out nicely if you know anyone without internet.

Do please email me if I've left anyone out or anything needs correcting/changing.

Sarah Boyt Robinson



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